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MAIL: The Crolla Ice Cream Company Ltd
48 Jessie Street
Glasgow G42 0PG

TELEPHONE: 0141 - 423 1161
(calls may be monitored or recorded for training purposes)

FAX: 0141 - 423 2596

EMAIL: sales@crollaicecream.co.uk


New customers thinking of ordering from our range of speciality ice cream are invited to order a set of dessert menu cards for their restaurant - absolutely free!

Our menu cards are laminated for cleanliness and long life, stand 30cm high and are folded to 10cm wide. It has been shown the attractive product photographs and overall design help to boost dessert sales. They come in four background colours - red (illustrated opposite), blue, green and cream.

We include on the menu cards your 10 selections from the speciality ice cream range, the name, address and telephone number of your restaurant, and your own desserts and beverages with prices.

If you have your own logo, corporate colour or house style we can incorporate these into your menu cards as well.